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Mia Dearden

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Mia, aka Speedy, is a character from DC comics, specifically Green Arrow.


Background Information

Mia was forced into prostitution when she was 11. Her dad abused her, then she left and lived on the street, with a series of guys that weren't any better than her father. Ollie rescued her from that life, letting her stay with him and actually go to high school for the first time. She knew his identity, but he tried to keep her out of his work.


Eventually, Mia found out that she's H.I.V. positive. Ollie was a bit of a spaz about it. She managed to talk him into letting her be his new sidekick. She trained some with the Teen Titans, as well as doing various missions with Green Arrow.


Current Updates

Mia did her senior year of high school at Taunton, where her friends somehow managed to talk her into being a cheerleader. She made a lot of friends, but Candy Quackenbush and Sam Ford in particular are two of her good friends from school. 


She thought when she graduated she'd be in the clear to just sleep and fight crime, but Ollie told her she had to go to college. She thought it was crazy, since vigilantism didn't require advanced degrees and there's some doubt as to whether or not her life expectancy would be long enough to develop an actual career, but Ollie wouldn't take no for an answer. So she's going to school part time.


She started dating Eli Loker. Ollie doesn't seem to like him much, due to his occupation. Eli works in lie detection and has done one or two jobs for the government, which quickly earned the nickname 'The Spook' along with Ollie's distrust. Mia usually rolls her eyes at the conflict, assuming it's just the typical overprotective father-figure disliking any guy that would date his daughter. Still, she's been hesitant to move in with Eli.


Mia apparently has a guardian angel in Michael. She likes the archangel, and he reminds her a bit of Ollie.


Player Info

Mia is played by Mandy. Her PB is a random Norwegian blogger named Emilie Nereng. Her journal name is speediest.

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