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Caliban Leandros

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Cal Leandros is a fighter, even he'll admit to that. Raised more by his brother Niko than his alcoholic mother, he sometimes says that he grew up jaded.
Sophia Leandros and her boys moved around quite often, always running away from something, the police, debt collectors, people Sophia had conned, anyone and everyone and perhaps most of all, Cal's father.

Cal's father was something else, in his own words: "When we were younger my brother and I had called them Grendels; the rest of the supernatural world called them Auphe. You so tomato; I say murderous death incarnate."

Eventually his father caught up with them, sweeping Cal away to the Auphe home-dimension, Tumulus. What was mere hours for Niko, waiting for Cal's return with all the patience of a zen master, was two years for Cal, two years that left him changed, harder, colder, and more determined than ever never to go back.

After that, Cal and Niko moved to New York, because it would be easier to get lost there, easier to slip through the cracks, stay hidden, though always keeping an eye out for the Auphe's return.

They did come back for him, eventually, after he'd dealt with one Mad Sawney Beane, some Kin mafia infighting, Abbagor (the troll under the Brooklyn Bridge) and other life-or-death situations that continued to bring his heritage closer and closer to the surface.

It wasn't long before he was revealed to be the final male Auphe, or, rather, as close as they were going to get. He wasn't going to allow anything of the sort, and with his brother's help, he destroyed the last of the Auphe completely. In doing so, he opened a gateway to elsewhere. Not Tumulus, not Hell, just ... somewhere other. In the three years since then he's been trying to get home, opening portals but never finding the right place at the other end.

He has found some other things though, things like the fact that he doesn't mind the Auphe heritage as much as he first thought, now that he knows he's the only one. He likes the reflexes and the strength, and occasionally he even likes the bloodlust.
He's found that he still likes helping protect people from the things that go bump in the night, and occasionally protecting the things from the people, depending.
He's also found that Robin was right (the bastard) and that having sex with men is, in fact, a good way to keep himself from exploding, and he doesn't have to worry about passing on the genes.

Caliban 'Cal' Leandros is from the Cal Leandros books by Rob Thurman, Louis Garrel provides the face, he is played by Sterling and his journal is Aupheling


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