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Page history last edited by Crystal 12 years, 5 months ago

Anders is from Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Awakenings.  He's a mage.  His Hawke was a male warrior.  His Hawke had some sympathy for mages, though little to no sympathy for blood mages or those that stepped over the edge.  Anders had fallen for Hawke, though he wasn't always sure the feelings were completely reciprocated.  He was living with Hawke before he came here.  Anders left before the end of the game.


His journal is ser_pouncealot and his pb is Josh Holloway.  Played by Crystal.


01. Full name: Anders is just a nickname, referring to his home town. He hasn't used his real name since he came to the circle and doesn't even think of it as his name anymore. So Anders is his full name now...
02. Best friend: Hawke.
03. Sexuality: Bisexual
04. Favourite colour: He says he's fond of blue. I don't know.
05. Relationship status: Er, in a confusing relationship.
06. Ideal mate: Oh that's a loaded question.
07. Turn-ons: He's turned on by someone stronger than him.
08. Last sexual experience: Hawke, totally having sex.
09. Favourite food: He's fond of steak?
10. Crushes: Hm, well Hawke, Merrill, Alim, Zevran? Hm. That should be about it.
11. Favourite music: he likes some classic rock?
12. Biggest fear: failing his friends
13. Biggest fantasy: He's living it right now?
14. Quirks in bed: there's this thing he does with lightning.
15. Bad habits: He's very self deprecating.
16. Biggest regret: His negative effect on Justice
17. Best kept secrets: He's not good at keeping secrets. His name is probably the best kept secret.
18. Last thought: ohshitohshitohshit?
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: This one mage totally set him on fire once...
20. Biggest insecurity: being a father.

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