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Solona Amell

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Aside from defeating the Archdemon with her bare hands (and a little help from her magic) as the Hero of Ferelden, Solona Amell is a famous mage and also known as the firstborn of the late Revka Amell and the second cousin of the famous Champion of Kirkwall. Amell is known for her bright spirit, charm and her eagerness to help those in need though she can be quite aggressive and persuasive when she wants something. Before she was taken by the vortex, she makes it a point to travel Thedas as much as she can, frequenting Kirkwall to visit her favorite cousin. That is when she's not too busy hunting darkspawn as the Warden-Commander and dealing with bothersome nobles as the Arlessa of Amaranthine.


She replaced a street side performer who can juggle fire. Really.


Played by: Jessie

IJ: amellsinferno

PB: Faye Hamlin

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