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Aedan Surana

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Aedan is a Dragon Age OC, who draws a lot from the endgame and the Witch Hunt DLC, so he's pretty full of spoilers for anyone who doesn't know about both. His journal is urthemielssoul and his PB is Justin Bartha. The art of his dragon form was drawn by my fiancée, who does other arts over here... oh, and he's played by Katie.


Once, long ago, before the Maker rose to true dominion over Thedas, and before Andraste was even a thought in anyone's mind, the people of Tevinter worshipped what are now known as the Old Gods. Seven draconic beings, imprisoned underground by the Maker for causing mortals to commit the First Sin. Their minds still roamed the Fade, seeking out those receptive to them - certain legends attribute the creation of mages to them.


Old Gods are mostly known for what happens to them on contact with Darkspawn. Darkspawn corrupt them, turning them into Archdemons and starting Blights, which the Archdemon leads. The Blight is only ever truly over when the creature is slain, its hordes slowly disappearing back to the Deep Roads to continue their search for the remaining slumbering Old Gods.


The Old God that would become the Archdemon of the Fifth Blight, Urthemiel, Dragon of Beauty, is seemingly unique amongst its kind, if only for the manner in which it was slain.


The death of an Archdemon usually required that a Grey Warden sacrifice themselves to prevent its soul from escaping into another Darkspawn and remodelling it into another, almost identical, draconic form, making it potentially immortal as long as enough Darkspawn exist. However, in Urthemiel's case... a Grey Warden slew the beast and survived to tell the tale, thanks to the assistance of a Witch of the Wilds.


Close to nine months later, Aedan was born. When the Archdemon was slain, its spirit was drawn into his unborn form and purified, so to speak. He possessed Urthemiel's soul, but this fact was kept from him for his own safety for many years.


Just under two years after his birth, his father finally turned up, having tracked his mother throughout all of Thedas for a year. Together, they stepped through the Eluvian and raised their son in relative peace... whilst they were also there to seek out a weapon to stop an oncoming disaster in Thedas, their son could count as a weapon too. Nobody knows the true power of an Old God, outside of what they're capable of as Archdemons.


When he reached his twentieth birthday, the first signs of what he truly was began to show. When he confronted his mother about it, she had very little choice but to admit what he was, and that was why such odd things had been happening to him – it wasn't all down to him being the son of two intensely powerful mages, which rather explained the whole 'accidentally turning into a dragon' thing.


Shortly after that, the vortex decided it'd be fun to pick him up and dump him in this world. He's very, very confused, to say the very least.

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