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Leliana is a character from the Dragon Age video games. She is played by Anne, her PB is Simone Simons and her journal is chantry_seeker.


Leliana was born in Orlais, though her mother was Ferelden. When her mother died, she was raised and tutored in music by Lady Cecilie, who her mother had been in service to. Also growing up in Orlais, Leliana got a taste for fashion, especially shoes. But there was a darker chapter of her life that Orlais would provide. She met a woman named Marjolaine who was a bard, though in Orlais bards aren't just storytellers and singers, they are assassins as well. Leliana fell in love with Marjolaine and was taught the skills a bard needed to survive. Along with Marjolaine, Leliana traveled to Denerim in Ferelden. Originally, they were just supposed to frame people, but Leliana soon discovered Marjolaine's real plot; espionage against Ferelden. However, this didn't sit well with Leliana and she wanted to stop it, but Marjolaine betrayed her, making her out to be the true figure behind the plot. Leliana was captured and tortured, but she managed to escape with the help of a Chantry sister. Needing answers, she went after Marjolaine, but only found more questions along with new doubts that her beloved mentor perhaps never actually loved her.


It was soon after this that Leliana returned to the Chantry for safety and she became a lay sister. Knowing Marjolaine would someday come back to kill her, Leliana stayed within the Chantry, though it was there that she finally found peace and could atone for the things she'd done in her past. She eventually ended up in the Lothering Chantry where she crossed paths with the Warden. Leliana left the Chantry to travel with the Warden, helping her against the Blight. Eventually, Leliana began to tell the Warden of her past as a bard and what that really meant in Orlais. After being attacked by a group of mercenaries, Leliana said they needed to find Marjolaine. Tracking her to Denerim, Leliana and the Warden confronted Marjolaine, ending with Leliana killing her. After taking some time to come to terms with what had happened, Leliana opened up about her past with Marjolaine, and during the conversation with the Warden, came to accept that this was a part of her. Afterwards, she was more accepting of "evil" things, such as killing, instead of passing judgement. As they continued their travels, Leliana and the Warden entered a romance and were inseparable. After the Warden killed the Archdemon and lived, Leliana said she was going on an expedition to discover more about the Darkspawn as the Grey Wardens are really the only ones that know much of anything about them. The Warden accompanied her, for a time at least, until the Warden, now the Hero of Ferelden, was called to Vigil's Keep to help push the Darkspawn back into the Deep Roads for good.


During this time, Leliana was called to a meeting with the Grand Cleric for undisclosed reasons. But after Vigil's Keep and Amaranthine were saved by the Hero, she and Leliana were reunited and once again traveled together. At least until the Hero disappeared. Still having dealings with the Chantry, Leliana returned to them, intent on finding the Hero. A few years pass and Leliana ended up in Kirkwall in the Free Marches, at the behest of Divine Justinia V. Tensions were rising in Kirkwall between the mages and Templars were escalating and there was fear that a faction of mages, calling themselves the Resolutionists, would start a war. Leliana was sent to investigate, using the pseudonym Sister Nightingale. During an attack by the Resolutionists, she met the Champion of Kirkwall and warned her that the Divine would send armies if things got worse. She encouraged the Champion to try and get Grand Cleric Elthina to leave and seek refuge in Orlais. Leliana then faded into the background again, but cropped up again after the events of DA2 when the mages had won their freedom. Leliana was revealed to be a Seeker of Truth, searching specifically for the lost Warden, while a fellow Seeker was searching for the Champion to try and quell the fires of war that had been started. All of Thedas was falling to chaos, and only two of its greatest heroes could put it back together.

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