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Journal: http://liveandfight.insanejournal.com

Home Universe: Final Fantasy X & Kingdom Hearts

Played By: Gary Oldman

MUN: Josie


Fighting Class: Warrior

Alignment: Neutral Good



Backstory: Auron is a Guardian of Spira, known for accompanying the last High Summoner on his pilgrimage to defeat Sin. Along with Jecht and Braska, Auron had learned the truth about Lady Yunalesca, and that the sacrifice of the Summoners was perpetuating the endless cycle of Sin's destruction. Jecht and Braska sacrificed themselves to gain a Calm, but in his grief and rage Auron struck at Yunalesca and was killed. His spirit would not rest, and he traveled with Jecht (now the new Sin's body) to the dreamed Zanarkand to protect Jecht's son Tidus so he would be ready to stop Sin once and for all.


After traveling back to Spira with Tidus, he participated in Braska's daughter Yuna's pilgrimage, and helped her and her guardians to understand the truth. No summoner died to defeat Sin, but Auron's time was done as well. He was sent to the Farplane by Yuna, hoping to finally rest.


Unfortunately Auron's power was noticed by the Lord of all the Underworld, which apparently included the Farplane as well. Hades, looking for a champion to finally defeat the irritating Hercules, resurrected Auron and promised him a renewed life if he killed the son of the gods. Auron refused, stating he would write his own story and that Hades had no part in it. Instead, he helped the young warrior Sora to defeat the machinations of god of the Underworld and faded back into pyreflies.


Once again though, Death would not meet him where he was. Arriving recently by vortex, Auron now is a police officer in New York City, and awaiting what will be thrown his way next.


Personality: Auron comes off at first as cross or irritated, but he is really a man of few words. He learned many years ago to mask his emotions, particularly since it was his temper that led to his death. He tries now to always weigh his actions and to rely more on his training than his impulses.


Auron has never admitted to anyone to having a lover or family of any kind. Promised into the warrior priesthood as a child and traveling with Braska at 25, he filled the years in the middle with training and prayer. He was devout, and still has a strong spiritual side in spite of the betrayal of Yevon.


Skills: Auron's weapon, Masamune, survived the trip to this dimension. He is a master swordsman, and is learning more about the weaponry here (specifically firearms) in the course of his job. His ability to summon an overdrive break still exists, although he is hesitant to use any except in dire circumstances. He has no magic outside of these breaks, although his strength and stamina would be considered superhuman for this dimension.


Contact Info:

 AIM: Josie Mostly

Email: killer dot slot dot machine at gmail dot com

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