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Stefan Hawke

Page history last edited by Katie 12 years, 6 months ago

Stefan is an OC who's kinda from the Dragon Age 'verse, due to his parentage, but was--or will be--born in the world of UTR. That vortex just loves screwing around with timelines, doesn't it? He's played by Katie, his journal is learnttofly and his PB is Ben Barnes.

He's not anything extraordinarily special, human as they come and all that... except that, you know, his parents just happen to be three rather famous (or infamous, depending on who you talk to) heroes. And one of them's an elf. In other words, it's Hawke, Anders and Merrill, the latter two being his actual biological parents.

It's complicated, but it's what he's always known and he wouldn't have it any other way. He has a half-sister, who's an elf, and who he's probably a bit too protective of, considering he's the younger sibling and all. He at least partially does it to better disguise his jealousy over her actually -being- an elf.

They both know elvish, thanks to an incident involving an elven racial slur when they were younger, and it's honestly something he's very glad for. It helps them keep their conversations private, after all.

He's a mage and largely takes after his father, being a spirit healer and all. He's also learnt how to shapeshift, saying it's just to help himself get places quicker. The fact that it also helps him keep an eye on certain people is just a bonus.

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