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Melora Hawke

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Melora Leandra Hawke is the child of Anders, Merrill, and Hawke.


She's born five years in the future when the trio decides to have a kid.. Merrill wanted an elf-baby, and when Dragon Age elves breed with humans, the babies come out humans. No such thing as half-elves. So Merrill talked it out with the others and they decided to ask Alim to make a 'donation'. Melora grew up with her brother, Stefan Hawke.

Merrill made sure to teach her all about the Dalish, including the language. Melora's... an eensy bit racist? Not *terribly* so, more just how Merrill is like 'The Dalish are wonderful, such a great culture to be proud of, oh yeah, humans are okay too.'

Melora’s a little bit crazy. She’s very headstrong and doesn’t always have the best judgment. She does a lot of things that are dangerous, and it’s a little surprising she’s survived all the crazy things she’s done.

She's a mage like her parents, and went to Taunton. She has a crush on Aedan Surana, which will no doubt make her brother and parents crazy before long!


Current Updates


Player Info

Melora is played by Mandy. Her PB is Merve Bolugur.

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