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Kevin Flynn

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Kevin Flynn comes from the movies Tron and Tron: Legacy; he also goes by the name The Creator, to some. He was a brilliant if unconventional software programmer and video game designer, who--first by accident, later by design--discovered how to travel to inside computers. Hoping to use digital means to improve the human condition he created a digital playground for experimentation, which he called The Grid. He became trapped inside The Grid for a debateable amount of time (either 21 years or 1000 depending on perspective). For more details, see movie. He has a son named Sam Flynn and an apprentice of sorts named Quorra.


Flynn is brilliant, laid-back, and something of a hippie in his way. He's determined to improve the human condition, but recognizes his own limitations and imperfections. He practices meditation and reads a great deal. the vortex picked him scant seconds before the climax of the movie, and he's replaced a rōshi at a Buddhist temple in New York State.


Flynn is played by Ashfae and his PB is Jeff Bridges. His IJ name is zendude.

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