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Artan Stillman

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Artan is an OC of the X-Men fandom, among others.


Before the Game

Not much happened, frankly. He grew up in foster homes, got sick of being the whipping boy for everything so he ran away and joined a group of thieves... which just so happened to be a splinter group from the Thieves Guild. He's a normal human with a tattoo talisman which makes him unable to die of outside causes, or become paralyzed. He lived on an island of pirates called New Tortuga for a few years after turning 18, then around 21, he moved back to the mainland to become a tattoo and piercing specialist. He was told quite often that he looked like Trent Reznor.


Current Updates

He became Trent Reznor, in a fit of all things ironic.

He hates it.


He also married his lifelong crush and rival, Petit LeBeau, and wound up having a couple kids, one of which is older by sheer AU crazyfaceness. He retired Nine Inch Nails, and runs his tattoo parlors in London and New Orleans. He is an expert in body and facial piercings, tattoo design, and stealing stuff.



Artan is 5'7", and has decent muscle tone, which he works on twice a week at a gym, if he's not working at it in a practical fashion (hoisting large statues or heavy furniture around in Guildhall). He has black hair which he generally waxes back from his usually scruffy face, giving him the appearance of Trent Reznor as a 50s greaser. He has many tattoos and piercings, which I'll list later. He generally wears bluejeans and t-shirts or muscle tees. He wears work boots fit for a construction worker, He has green eyes, and occassionally lets people paint his nails when they're bored and he's not busy.


Tattoos and piercings:

  • The sign of Taurus is on the back of his neck, just below the hairline, and on the left side of his neck, he has the talisman tattoo which gives him the ability to not die from outside causes, or become paralyzed. Behind his right ear, he's got a small mark, that is the Thief's Guild tattoo. From the right side of his neck, his right arm's sleeve starts - it's a large collage of the world tree, which combines the four elements, and animals in a very vivid motif. He has a symmetrical tribal motif over his collarbones, and on his left arm, there's a melange of various black and skintone tattoos, including a wrist band of skulls on a black band, what looks like a seam going up the inside of his arm, an 'om' (not to be confused with ohm) on his bicep, a banner that reads 'Dead men tell no tales' with a bloody knife and heart behind it, and the names Petit, Henriette, and Henri in a simple heart. He's got the words "A Dishonest Living"  Written across the top of his back, and down below that, he's got a map of the USA, with various stars and pinpoints which mark where he's lived and worked. There's two hearts on the map, one where New Orleans is, and one in southern Washington. His hips have a similar tribal motif as his collarbone, at a more severe angle. He's got an I/O tattoo on his left ankle, and his right ankle has a stylized question mark.
  • He has 23 ear piercings, including one gagued plug in his left ear as well as a tragus, while his right ear has an orbital and a forward helix. He has a labret, and two tongue piercings. He's got his nipples pierced (both horizontal and vertical), and a dydoe piercing below the waist. He has a piercing in the skin between his thumb and index finger in his left hand.



Player Information

Character is played by Sage. Character's PB is Trent Reznor. Character's journal is tatsandwaffles.


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