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Character Replacements

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Jewel's Pups


Misha's Pups


Nelle's Pups


Aaron Hotchner - replaced a high ranking investigator at MI-5

Ace - replaced an explosives expert/member of a bomb disposal squad

Alice Blade Tsung - replaced a boarder student at Taunton

Alistair - replaced a lifeguard in Santa Monica

Anne of Cleves-replaced an interior designer in Los Angeles

Artan Stillman - replaced Trent Reznor again.

Belle Beaumont AKA "Beauty" - replaced "Twilight" actress Ashley Greene

Brendann Brennan - replaced Bobby Flay

Brier LeBeau - replaced a Shreveport riverboat waitress

Calliope Sedant - replaced the CEO for Bank of America

Candy Quackenbush - replaced Princess Maria Laura of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este

Cassidy Turner - replaced himself, then his baby self replaced another baby

C.B. - replaced a police officer

Charles Brandon - replaced the drummer for the band Whitehall, fronted by Henry Tudor

Chuck Bartowski - replaced high level government agent that doesn't exist because if you knew he did, you'd be dead already.

Constable Fraser - replaced Paul Gross

Carmen De La Pica Morales - replaced DeadMau5

Cristoph Venner (Prince Charming) - replaced Drew Seeley

Damien Thorn - replaced a yuppie Harvard senior

Danielle Winchester - replaced an average secondary school student

Dar Prethan - replaced a salesgirl in a pet store, but got fired on her first day

Dean Winchester - replaced the heir of a recently deceased shipping magnate

Dib Membrane - Replaced an internet millionaire

Effy Stonem - Replaced a student at Oxford

Elena Gilbert - Replaced a waitress

The Eleventh Doctor  - replaced a rather eccentric inventor.

Eli Loker - replaced an anthropology professor at NYU

Elizabeth-Tudor-(I)-replaced a literature professor at Oxford University.

Emmett Frost- replaced an heir to a vast fortune.

Eustace Chapuys - Replaced the Spanish Ambassador to England

Gabriella Montez - replaced failing singer & karaoke bar owner Nikki McKibbin

Gaz Membrane - replaced a Klokateer



Harmony Johnson - replaced a school counselor in London

Henry Tudor - replaced the lead singer/songwriter of a rock band.

Inara Serra - replaced a yoga instructor

Isabela - replaced a pastor in the Methodist church

James Bond (AU) - replaced his equivalent senior SIS special agent.

Jerrica Benton - replaced an up and coming pop singer.

John Connor - replaced a high school student in Miami

Leliana - replaced Carmen Elise Espenaes vocalist for the band Midnattsol

Lex Luthor - replaced Michael Dell

Lilo Pelekai - replaced an orphan

Lulu - replaced the owner of an independently operated children's toy store

Marian Hawke - replaced Cheryl Cole. She didn't approve.

Mason- replaced Richard Branson

Meat - replaced Kerry Ellis

Merry Brandybuck - replaced one half of a set of guys who own a pub in England

Michael - replaced Colin Powell

Morgana - replaced Princess Beatrice of York.

Navi - replaced a kindergarten teacher

Neal Caffrey - replaced an FBI agent in the white collar division with the squeakiest of clean records

Nessarose Thropp - replaced a small-time novelist

Nuriko - replaced a hooligan from Brixton, London

Penelope Garcia - replaced a tech analyst at MI-5

Peter Burke - replaced the Unit Chief for the FBI's White Collar crime unit

Phillip Micciche/Prince Phillip- Replaced Zac Efron


Richard Castle - replaced Sue Grafton

Robert Winchester - replaced Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation fame

Ryan Lucas - replaced Alvin Irving

Sadako Yamamura - replaced a secretary

Saetanar Yaslana- replaced Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este

Sebastian Vael - replaced Albert, His Serene Highness, Prince of Monaco

Shang Tsung - replaced a niteclub owner in Miami

Sharpay Evans - replaced a reality TV star

Sister Mary Robert - replaced Katie Rowley Jones

Spike - replaced bloody Robert Pattinson

Solona Amell - replaced a street performer, currently in New York

Sonya Blade-replaced a Colonel in the US Army

Sor LeBeau - replaced a bartender in New Orleans

Soren Skwigelf - UtR baby that replaced the guy who writes those "Ask a Guy" columns for magazines when he came back in time

Stephen Colbert - replaced Bill O'Reilly

Stonewall "Stoney" Murderface - replaced Wolfgang Van Halen

Sydney Bristow - replaced a mid-level banker

Tara Maclay - replaced the owner of a magic shop in Manchester

Teague Brennan - replaced an art columnist in London

Teja Wartooth - replaced a roadie for Dethklok

The Phantom - replaced a Venetian composer

The Sixth Doctor - replaced a defence attorney


Tyrone Valsharan - replaced Jorma Taccone

Uzza - replaced a businessman in Tokyo

Varric Tethras - replaced Danielle Steele


Willow Rosenberg - replaced a chinchilla breeder

Zelda McCoy - replaced Khloe Kardashian

Zevran Arainai - replaced a male model

Zod - replaced a general in the British Army

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