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If you are new to the game, welcome! Please read this entire page before apping your first character! If you have any questions, feel free to ask the mods!





There really aren't a lot of rules.

1) Play nice. We want everybody to get along. This means communicating with eachother about issues before they become problems.

2) This is not a canon game. Pups aren't necessarily supposed to be exactly like they were in the book/movie/whatever. Please don't complain about how people play their characters.

3) We strongly encourage you to 'mix' your pups. That's not to say you can't have canon relationships, we just want to see different groups interact. That's the point of multifandom games. Yay crack.

4) This game has mature blahblah, be 17 or older, blahblah. We try to put warnings on smut logs, but we say fuck a lot on the board. Please don't app if you're under 17, thanks. 


Bullying and Communication


Bullying other players is not tolerated, and will result in being kicked out. If there's an inflammatory post or flamewar in the OOC, the mods will take steps to control it. That may include deleting posts or disabling comments. Passive-aggressive posts are not welcome, either. We expect our players to be mature. If you have a problem with a player, talk to them privately. If you cannot resolve it that way, email the mods. Never badmouth players in the OOC or chat.


The Communities


UTR: The Main Comm

The main comm is Under The Rainbow. This is where characters post as if they were actually posting in an online journal. It should be pretty self-explanatory if you just take a look at it. This comm is 'In Character', and OOC notes should be kept to a minimum.


The Log Comm

Logs are posted here. You can either do logs in email/IM and post them when they're finished, or do the logs in comment threads. Either way is fine. You can specify who logs are open to. This should also be self-explanatory, just have a look.


The OOC Comm

This is the Out of Character Community. This is where you will see announcements from the mods, and where you can let people know about new pups you're bringing in, or whacky plot ideas, or.. pretty much anything about the game or your characters. Also, you can post things about other games, or just any information you would want to share, as a mun, not as a character.


World Information



Pups come to UTR through tornado-like vortexes. When they arrive, they can be anywhere in the world (though most show up in London by some odd coincidence). As soon as they arrive, they 'replace' someone. An explanation of this and a full list of replacements can be found here.





Media doesn't exist in UTR the same way it does in our world. Basically, things are the 'generic' equivilant of media. They look like movies/books/comics/games from our world, but they're not quite right.

For example, there is no X-Men in this world, but there is a comic series called Z-Men. For more, check out the Media Alterations page.




There are, of course, the normal forms of transportation; Car, bus, plane, etc.etc. However, there are also a set of portkeys scattered throughout the world to ease transportation issues. All portkeys are well hidden, and take the traveller back to London. From London, they can choose their next destination. 


Time/Space/Dimensional Travel


For any sort of time, space or dimensional travel, you must get permission from the mods first. You should have a reasonable explanation of how they can accomplish it. Remember, UTR's level of technology is comparable to the real world's. Some people bring their space ships with them, which is okay, but again you have to ask the mods.


Any space, time or dimensional travel should be restricted to logs, and should only affect a few people at a time. It cannot be a game-wide plot,  unless specifically stated by the mods. There should not be posts in the main comm from the future or past, and you shouldn't go around making changes to the present unless the mods approve it.


No matter what, You cannot go home. The TARDIS cannot take Leia to see her parents on Alderaan. The Millennium Falcon can't take Zelda and Kirk to the planet Vulcan to find Spock. Ponies cannot stumble across a device that sends them back to PonyLand. Just like the rest of UTR inhabitants, their homes don't exist here. Think of it kind of like the whole Ratman/Z-Men thing.. They might have a slightly different planet... Scmalderaan, or whatever, where things are similar, but not quite. You cannot go home.


A PSA about crime


Crime doesn't pay. At least, not in public. There are a lot of super heroes and police officers reading the boards, and if your character says that they've committed a felony in a public post, there WILL be consequences. This could make your pup unplayable if they wind up in jail. Breaking the law is okay, just don't discuss it in public where cops and capes can see! The mods reserve the right to determine if and how long pups will be locked away


Activity Checks


We do activity checks in the OOC comm approximately every month. Everyone is given one week to reply, and must do so to stay in the game.

At this time, we also ask people to consider their pups that have not been posting regularly, and decide if they still want to play them. If you haven't played a character in several months, the mods will remind you once, and then may ask you to drop them if they continue to be extremely inactive. We'd really rather you police this on your own, though!




Telepaths, Psychics, God, etc

Yes, there are lots of people with powers that would let them know what others are thinking or feeling. However, we expect players of telepaths to ask before reading a pups mind. If you don't, it's godplaying, and we really really don't like that. (Even if you're playing God!) And of course, telepathy is never an excuse to use OOC info as IC knowledge. When in doubt if knowledge is IC or OOC, ask the other players involved!




We encourage players to come up with their own plots between game-wide plots. What's RP without plots? But we do ask that if you are plotting something big that affects more than two or three other pups that you email both mods to give us a heads up. This includes things that impact public places or could potentially have a game-wide effect. When in doubt, send the mods an email.


On a related note, if plots are of a sensitive nature that may upset other players, please do your best to contact everyone who is involved, however indirectly, beforehand about what you plan to do. When it comes to certain topics (rape, torture, etc.) try to think of everyone whose characters will be asked to 'deal' with the subject. Not everyone may be willing to play out certain plotlines.



When strikeouts are used in the main community in threads, those are readable to other pups. They look exactly like they do to the players, as struck-out text. That's not private or secret information, it's just text with a line through it.




Don't post with nude icons on the main page. It's fine to use nude icons in comments, but keep the main page worksafe for people that check in public.

Likewise, try not to put profanity in big font on the main page. It's fine in regular font, just don't make it so huge that someone a few feet away from the computer could read it.



Memes and the OOC comm

Memes related to the game are welcome. You can post about them in the OOC. We do ask that only ONE post is made per meme. When you put the meme up in your personal journal, please reply to the original post with a link to your own. Do NOT make another post in the OOC with your own link. This clutters the OOC comm and can bury important posts.



About Apping Characters


New Shows/Movies, Characters, and Holds


  • To put a hold on someone, email both of the mods. After you get approval, put them on the Holds page. Regular holds last one month.
  • For a movie that HAS NOT come out yet, you can put them on hold. No one will be allowed to actually pick up a pup until after the movie has been out at least for two weekends before you pick them up.
  • For new characters from a TV show, you have to wait until they have been in 6 episodes before you can bring them in. If that person is only in the show for a couple of episodes (less then six) you can app them after they've left the show. Just let us know.
  • No holding a pup until they've been seen on the show.
  • When you get your new pup, if the season is STILL on the air and running, you have to put ALL spoilery things behind a cut. If you spoil us, you get a warning. After that, you get the boot. Don't do it.
  • If you ask for a hold, then these are special holds, and can wait the six episodes, instead of a hold being null and void after a month.
  • Obviously if you're picking up a character from a movie that's not out yet but is in other media (i.e. Tony Stark is obviously from comics, but the movie hasn't come out yet and is taken) then that's fine.
  • Please let the mods know if you want to drop your hold on a character ASAP. 


Double Characters


Having 'double characters' is allowed. For example, there is a Terra Branford from Final Fantasy and a Terra Branford (AHS) from an AU game on Livejournal. This is also frequently done for characters that have appeared both in comics and movies, or have younger and older versions.


This is perfectly fine. All you have to do in this case is contact the person who is playing the current version of that character and ask if it's all right with them for you to bring in a second version. If you're having trouble finding out who plays the character, ask the mods and they will be more than happy to help.


Keep in mind that we have a maximum of one double. That means only two versions of any one character are allowed.


Family and Dependent Characters


When you're bringing in a character with existing ties to other people in the game, it's best to tell the players of the current family members. We want all of our players to communicate with each other, to make sure people aren't surprised.


If you are bringing in a child of a character in the game, you must get permission from the player of the parent before you app the kid. This applies to canon as well as OC children. 


Original characters and characters from other RPGS


Original characters and characters from other RPGs are perfectly fine. We do ask that you give us a more detailed (at least three or four paragraphs) explanation of who they are and their history when applying them, and encourage you to share that backstory with other players through the wiki and/or posts in the OOC comm.


Characters from Fanfiction


  • If it's your fanfiction, just bring them in as an OC or an AU version of the character (applying all the normal rules to OCs and AU versions/doubles)
  • If it's someone else's fanfiction, please attempt to contact the author for permission. We know fanfics aren't copyrighted, but RPers and fanfic writers are all part of the same extended family, and we don't want things to get awkward at Thanksgiving dinner.
  • In all cases, please provide a link to the fanfiction in the character's wiki, so that other people can enjoy it and everyone can know what your character is from.


So you want to app a new character?


1) Read the FAQ page.

2) Review the Taken Page to see if the character you want is taken. (If so, you can talk to the player and see if you can bring in an alternate version.)

3) Pick a PB.

4) Make a journal.

5) Put your character's name in their journal where it says name. Also put your contact information in the user info.

6) If it's an OC or an AU version of someone, make them a wiki page. (If you're brand new, don't worry about this yet)

7) Email the application to the mods.

8) Wait until both mods approve you. Then join the journal to the communities.

9) Make sure to put them on the Taken Characters page and keep the wiki updated! If you need help, just ask!




For your first character, please email the following information to andthecaseofthe@gmail.com and fuzzyspacekitty@gmail.com.


Your Name:

Your journal name, preferably on LJ:

Character Name:

Where from:


Character Journal Name:

Replacement: (opt)

Brief character history:

Role-play Sample: (1st or 3rd person)


If you're already in the game, just send the following:


Character name:

Where from:


Journal name:


If it's an OC, make sure to send a detailed history and a link to the wiki as well.




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