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Here is the page for holds. Here are the rules for holds.

1. Email the mods first! When they approve you, then edit this page. If we see people on here you didn't get permission for, there are gonna be problems.

2. If you're taking a new character (from a new show or an old show) you have to wait 8 episodes (episodes they've been in) before you can bring them in. If that person is only in the show for a couple of episodes (less then eight) you can app them after they've left the show. Just let us know.

3. No holding a pup until they've been seen on the show.

4. When you get your new pup, if the season is STILL on the air and running, you have to put ALL spoilery things behind a cut. If you spoil us, you get a warning. After that, you get the boot. Don't do it.

5. If you ask for a hold, then these are special holds, and can wait the eight episodes (instead of a hold being null and void after a month) since eight episodes is roughly two months.

6. For a movie that HAS NOT come out yet, you can put them on hold. No one will be allowed to actually pick up a pup until after the movie has been out at least for two weekends before you pick them up.

7. Obviously if you're picking up a character from a movie that's not out yet but is in other media (i.e. Tony Stark is obviously from comics, but the movie hasn't come out yet) then that's fine.






Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Anya




Harry Potter - Ron Weasley












Mass Effect - Jane Shephard (end of ME3)

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