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IC Website

Page history last edited by Aprylle 14 years, 4 months ago

When your characters are given a link to a website to explain where they are, it would have linked to a page that explained the basics of VortexLand. 

That page was made by Mia and Ed, two wonderful characters that aren't with us anymore in game. Mia was pretty brutal at giving this news. But Ed designed the page, so it looked more like a sparkly MySpace page. Still readable, but more sparkly and more smiley faces. However, that page was on GeoCities and since they have since closed down, the page doesn't exist anymore.


If any of your pups want to still explain by themselves, feel free! But if not, you can link to this page, which is almost exactly what the GeoCities page looked like, word for word. The only difference is there isn't quite as much of a sparkle!

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