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Kimber Benton

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Kimber Benton is a character from 80's cartoon Jem and the Holograms.


Before the Game


Kimber is Jerrica's younger sister, and sometimes gets a little jealous when her older sister hogs the spotlight as Jem, the lead singer in their band. She plays keyboard, and did back-up vocals, along with composing most of the band's songs. She's a little boycrazy, and tended to have several boyfriends (sometimes more than one at once.. oops). She was often kidnapped by The Misfits and their flunkies, almost as often as her older sister.


She's an orphan.. Her mother died when she was younger, and her father died recently (right before the band formed). She helped her sister take care of the Starlight House, a home for other young orphans, after their father's passing.

She loves music, and believes that music is a powerful method of both expressing oneself and can be a way of helping others.


In Canon Wars

On Purgatory, Kimber met several of her good friends. She met Uzamaki Naruto and started training with him. She absolutely loves the kid, and thinks he's the best trainer in the world. She doesn't know what she'd do without him. She also met Sha Gojyo there, and they kind of got off to a rocky start, but now they're good friends. She may have made friends with Lorelai Gilmore for the main purpose of scoring an invite to her bachelorette party in order to see Gojyo strip.


Under the Rainbow Updates

  • After coming through the vortex, Kimber replaced Christina Aguilera. She's excited to be back on stage again, and has played a couple benefit concerts. She's made new friends, as well. She considers Remus Lupin (Young) one of her closest friends. Her bodyguards were Ana Lucia Cortez and Cassandra, and she lets them take turns with who gets to be drug around on her shopping trips.
  • She's romantically involved with Anthony Ian, and they've recently brought their relationship 'to another level' (That means they were having s-e-x). She actually settled down, which surprised her as much as anyone else.
  • After the meteor shower, she's found that she seems to have increased 'endurance'.. She can run for hours without stopping. Training with Naruto has been a blast, lately, and she just loved the look on his face when he realized.
  • Anthony left, so Kimber's single again. She's not too bummed out about it though. Nothing can really keep her down for long. Especially with all the cute guys around!
  • With her meteor given 'powers', she's started fighting crime. Carrie helped train her. She's been very careful about keeping her secret identity.
  • Soon she started dating Eddie Blaze, a fellow crimefighter and amalgam between Venom and GhostRider. Not exactly the most merciful guy. Neither of them knew about their secret identities until they'd been dating for several months. Kimber's style was more in the line of the Batman philsophy: You get the bad guys and turn them in to the cops. You don't kill them. Eddie Blaze believed that you can't reform some people, and if they're guilty, he killed them. This didn't jive so well with Kimber. They broke up, but got back together after Eddie had a traumatic experience and vowed to not kill again. After holding back for six months, he snapped, and hurt Kimber. She probably would've died if she didn't have her powers. Kimber's friends mobilized and 'took care of Eddie.'
  • She's been single for a while, and is starting to flirt with cute guys again. Her sister showed up, and that's been good for her. And her friendship with Carrie has been really strong.
  • Kimber's currently dating Ollie Queen. They've actually been dating for quite a while, and it's the longest relationship she's ever had. They fight crime together, and--unlike her ex--Ollie and Kimber's styles gel really well.


Player Information


Kimber is played by Mandy. Her journal is rockstarkimber. Kimber's PB is Alicia Witt.

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