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Lyle Bennet

Page history last edited by Mike 13 years, 9 months ago

Lyle Bennet is from Heroes, after the Season 3 episode "Into Asylum." His PB is Randall Bentley. His journal is notafreak. He is played by Mike. He attends the Taunton school with the others who go there. He was grateful to have not been near the bomb at the dance, since... you know. Not immortal or special at all. Sometimes he can be wound a bit tight or overreact about stuff, but usually ends up being relaxed after a while.



Character Name: Lyle Bennet


Fandom: Heroes


PB: Randall Bentley


Age: 17


Sexuality: Possibly straight, though he might also be "curious"


History: http://heroeswiki.com/Lyle_Bennet


Notes: It is speculated that he was adopted as Claire was (from a deleted scene). But it hasn't been cllearly established yet. There is also perhaps questions as to whether or not he has a special ability. If he did have one, it's not been shown. But he is perfectly normal as far as he knows.. and he likes it that way.


Disclaimer: I am not Lyle Bennet or Randall Bentley. Just using for RP entertainment purposes on IJ, please don't sue. ;)

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