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From Undertherainbow

This page will provide information about current plots, and links to recent plotlines.

Note! This is an archive of game-wide plots that affected most of the population. If you want to document something really huge and awesome that happened to your pup and a few others, we encourage you to write about it on those pups' personal pages.



Upcoming and Current Plotlines

  •  ???
  •  ???




Archive of old plotlines

  • The Crossing
  • OOC Plotline - For three days, many characters went 'crazy', or were in some way acting 'OOC.'
  • Personality Swap - People swapped personalities
  • Meteor Shower - Kryptonite fell and gave people powers. Some people kept them.
  • The Musical - People randomly burst into song
  • Silent Hill - London was enveloped in fog and monster mayhem.
  • The Naked Plot - People got naked. Randomly and without warning.
  • The Kid Plot - Adults became children, children became adults, madness ensued.
  • Halloween 2007 - People turned into their Halloween costumes.
  • Powerless Plot - Everyone lost their powers.
  • The Plot-Plot. All previous plots happened during the same week, all at once.
  • Apocalypse Comes - Apocalypse rained down destruction on the world. Parking garages fell. An X-Man team formed temporarily, and Superman stopped him using the Phantom Zone Projector.
  • Halloween 2008 - Classic Horror movie cliches came to life.
  • The Marriage Plot - People started proposing to random people and got married, often to people they'd never met before.
  • The AU Plot - People turned into alternate versions of themselves.
  • Time Warp Plot - People turned into teenagers, or kids, or old people, or sometimes their decendents or ancestors.
  • Purifiers Plot - Anti-mutant activists came and terrorized citizens with powers.
  • M-Day 2: Genetic Boogaloo - A 'gene bomb' gone awry temporarily gave EVERYONE powers.
  • Surprise Spoogeathon Humpy Mcgee - Depressed people got really horny and had a lot of sex.
  • Surprise Zombie Plot! - Hordes of zombies showed up for the weekend.
  • Random plot - Random things (powers, themes, etc.) happened to pups.
  • Space plot - Everyone in the game woke up on a space station for a week.
  • Halloween 2010 - Magic Candy! Gave people powers and stuff. 



Ongoing relevant information

  • Partial List of Replacements
  • Dumbledore has also arranged to take wizards and mutants and other talented individuals, as well as 'normal students' at Taunton.
  • Dumbledore, with the help of multiple wizards and the Doctors, set up a transportation system of portkeys

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