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Sirius Black (Young)

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Sirius Black is a character from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. He's also largely influenced by Shoebox


Before the Game


Sirius Black is seventeen, and was midway through his sixth year at Hogwarts. He was good friends with Remus Lupin, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew, the four of them forming a group called the Marauders. Unlike his pureblood family, Sirius was a Gryffindor, and had nothing but disdain for his family heritage. When he was sixteen, he ran away from home and started spending his summers with James.


Sirius is a prankster, and a bit of an asshole when he wants to be. He's been known to play some very cruel pranks on people he doesn't like (Mainly Severus Snape)


In Canon Wars: Sirius was greeted quickly (and with some annoyance because of his tardiness) by Moony, and was invited to come live with him. James was a good few years older than Sirius, but the two still talked some. He pulled pranks on all his friends, including the older version of himself.


Moony was keeping himself educated by reading the book series they were from, and had promised he would read them to Sirius, who was feeling rather lazy for reading, especially since it wasn't assigned as schoolwork. However, when he read the part in the fifth book where Sirius dies.. Remus was rather upset. Padfoot came home to see his best mate curled up on the floor crying. Somewhere during the middle of the emotional retelling, the two started making out.


Both were rather shocked and confused, and it took them a while to figure out what was going on. They tried to keep it very hush-hush, but one night Sirius got high, and was threading with Remus to get himself out into the kitchen and 'do it' on the kitchen counter. It was only later that the two realized all of the comments were public.


Under the Rainbow Updates


Sirius Black is currently living in a London apartment with Remus Lupin (Young). He's replaced a 'normal' student.

When James Potter arrived, things were very awkward, because the two didn't know how their friend would take to the idea of his two best mates sleeping with eachother. But Sirius basically wound up acting like a complete asshole to James, and they wound up beating eachother up on the hotel roof. After they told him and he had some time to process it, things smoothed over some.


Now Sirius is trying to find a way to get along with Lily Evans and not be weirded out by the fact that there's an older version of himself running around. His other project was to get Moaning Myrtle to smile, and he almost made it once or twice. Sadly, the ex-ghost seems to assume most of his attempts to cheer her up are ways of him making fun of her.

When he arrived in England, he went to the address his driver's license identified as his home, he received a cold welcome. His 'parents', as wealthy as his real parents, told him that he wasn't welcome in their home. Apparently the young man whose life Sirius had been given was kicked out of the house months earlier after his parents found out he was gay. After emoing for a short while, he moved in with Moony.


Sirius has broken at least half a dozen BlackBerry/Sidekicks, or 'internet-things' as he calls them. He's been arrested twice, once with Moony (who wasn't actually arrested, he made himself invisible and snuck in), and once with James, who actually was arrested. He seems to have a steady supply of money and drugs.


He's currently in a OT4 of sorts with James, Lily and Moony. At first he was really idiotic, and was doing way too many drugs.. He went clean, though, with help from Lily's potions. Now he doesn't even drink or smoke. He's really happy in his relationship, and it's odd that he's actually the well-adjusted one now.


When Peter Pettigrew showed up, Sirius was really happy to see his friend. He'd missed him a long time. During one of the plots, Sirius got Jamie Madrox's power to create duplicates of himself and one of them slept with Peter. (The other 30 duplicates were busy sleeping with eachother. Sirius misses his dupes.) Moony didn't want Wormtail involved in the OT4, though, which is okay with Sirius.


Player Information

Young Sirius is played by Mandy and his journal is hiptomyjive. His PB is Brent Tuhtan.

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